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5 Important Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

Dyeing your hair, just like getting a new haircut, is an important makeover moment, and it’s good to be prepared for such a change. There are some easy things you can do before going forward with coloring that will protect the structure of your hair and maintain its shine. The process is trickier than it may seem and these basic tips will help you avoid unfortunate situations.

1. Trim Before You Color

Having healthy hair will ensure near-perfect coloring. If you have split ends, you should get a haircut before you jump into dyeing your hair because broken hair doesn’t accept color as well as healthy hair does.

The same goes for hair damaged by products. Talk to your hairdresser or consult with a colorist about your best options. Their advice will save your hair from breakage and it will guarantee a beautiful result.

Taking care of your mane beforehand also means that you won’t spend your money on a faulty coloring. With healthy hair, the shade will spread easily and evenly, without any bad surprises afterward.

2. The Price Of Maintaining Your Color

When you settle on a color, make sure you take into consideration the fact that you will need to work on maintaining the shade.

If you choose a shade that is closer to your natural color, the upkeep won’t be that difficult, but it will still mean that you need to come to the salon at least once per month. Hair grows fast and the roots will be visible in no time, so they need a bit of extra care.

However, if you want for a more dramatic color change like going from brunette to blonde, you have to make several salon visits. Your hair needs more time and more product to achieve the shade you desire, followed by regular visits in order to maintain the polished look.

Also, if you choose a bold color like blue or pink, make sure you check with your supervisor first. It would be bad to spend a lot of money on coloring your hair only to find out the next day that it’s deemed inappropriate for the office

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the time you need for these frequent salon appointments and how they might fit into your schedule. It would be best to choose a shade that is more manageable if you have a busier work routine.

3. Bring Photos & Be Specific

It’s good to be as specific as possible when you talk about the color you have in mind. It’s not enough to say you want “fiery red hair” or “just some blonde highlights” because it doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. The hairdresser will put the color she thinks best, but it might not be the one you had in mind.

For a more pleasant and fruitful experience at the salon, bring some photos of the color you want with you to show exactly what you have in mind. The colorist will take note and combine products so that you leave the salon a happy client.

4. Don’t Go Too Drastic On Your First Coloring

If it’s the first time dyeing your hair, the best thing to do is to try something simple that does not require too much care and that is not too different from your natural color.

A semi-permanent color will give your hair the shine and vitality it deserves, while subtle highlights can add volume, depth and glow, and don’t require extra care either.

Doing this will show you how your hair reacts to the dye and it will smooth out the progress to an entirely new color.

5. You Have To Change Your Hair Care Routine

If you’re new to the coloring world, the chances are that you don’t have any hair care products designed for dyed hair.

Normal shampoos and conditioners strip away the color and shine. Plus, the dye affects your hair strands, which means that its needs have changed. Now you need products made specifically to protect the structure of your hair, and maintain and nurture the color.

Invest in these shampoos and conditioners from day 1 and you will notice the results in the lasting richness and vibrancy of your hair color.


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